To Cloud and Beyond

Nudpam Inc. is a leading Cloud and IT Strategy consulting firm with a proven track record of providing Cloud and IT strategy development and transformation services for enterprises, governments, service providers and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all IT and Cloud domains, and extensive research on Cloud and IT technologies, Nudpam collaborates with clients to help them become efficient and successful.

IT Strategy

Businesses are challenged to keep up with the ever changing market demands. To meet these demands, it is critical that IT aligns itself with the enterprise’s business goals, and deliver agility and competitive advantage. Having a clear assessment of the IT strategy, developing a roadmap, moving to cloud where it makes sense without compromising security and privacy, and putting the mechanisms in place to deal with current and future market demands are critical strategies for business success. Nudpam IT Strategy Development service works with companies to develop a clear strategy, roadmap, and architecture that allows them to align IT with business and drive business efficiencies.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud is not a technology. It is primarily a business model that transforms organizations into agile and more successful enterprises by using IT efficiently and effectively. Cloud strategy has be aligned with broader IT and business strategies. Nudpam Cloud Strategy Development service helps senior leadership teams to align Cloud, IT and Business strategies to transform their business into an agile, service-enabled enterprise. Our solutions address the business value of cloud adoption, implementation scenarios (including risks and benefits), and the technical, security and privacy implications of cloud along with their impact on the enterprise.

SP Infrastructure as a Service

Let Nudpam take care of the necessary infrastructure services in order to support your new Service Provider offering.  We offer a full range of wholesale, white-labelled service provider products including broadband Internet, Voice over IP and IPTV to give your subscribers a complete service offering.  We do all the heavy lifting including managing the back-end infrastructure, providing you with a service provider portal that allows you to provision and manage your subscribers, a complete end-to-end billing solution and Tier 2/3 technical support.  Contact us today to learn more about our innovative service provider offerings and focus your efforts on what really matters - sales!.

Why Choose Nudpam?


Nudpam and its team of experts are pioneers in leading, designing and operating large IT and Cloud infrastructure initiatives in public and private sectors. We help clients create IT and Cloud strategies that are incremental or a revolutionary leap forward. We work with you to create the strategy that performs best for your business.

Customer Focus

We bring objectivity to vendor and technology selection because we are an independent advisor that sits within a large, but select, ecosystem of IT and Cloud providers and vendors. This varied ecosystem also enables access to highly scalable, highly available and on-demand IT capacity, and the ability to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing and maturing market.

Holistic Approach

We bring a disciplined, systematic and holistic approach to analyze your existing IT and Cloud infrastructures, and help executives sort through the complexity of developing new IT/Cloud Strategy or Strategies that can take your business to the next level.

Team Nudpam

We are a small but mighty bunch of IT professionals with a proven track record of building world-class cloud, data center, virtualization, networking and software solutions for enterprises, service providers, governments and SMEs. Our team comprises of talented and experienced individuals that held senior executive positions at some of the top companies in Canadian public and private sectors. We espouse integrity, innovation, and teamwork as our core values.